Ricoh 6501 Photocopier rental in Karachi

Ricoh 6501 Photocopier rental in Karachi, Ricoh MPC 6501

Ricoh 6501 Photocopier rental in Karachi has Incredible productivity guaranteed with speed of 60 paper per minute in color, 65 paper per minute in black and white. In addition, newly designed image developing system offers professional color quality and consistency over long runs. Moreover, Save money on outsourced printing with a complete range of inline finishing capabilities. Furthermore, Stapling, punching, cover insertion, booklet making, multi-folding and ring-binding options.

Scanned documents can easily be sent to any email address or network folder. You will no longer need to stock outsourced company stationery. Outstanding ease of use with intuitive operation and a large color LCD touch screen. In addition, Intelligent business faxing lets you automatically distribute faxes to email or folder

Ricoh 6501 Photocopier rental in Karachi

Ricoh MPC 6501 is available on rent speeds with benchmark output quality and superb media flexibility. You can save time and costs by keeping your color document production in-house. The MPC 6501 are economically viable color solutions for offices.

Color has impact; it emphasises your message and adds a professional look to your documents. Presentations, mailings,newsletters and spreadsheets all become more recognisable, attractive and readable. Moreover, you can put a color logo on your documents, brand recognition will improve among your clients and partners.

Save time, costs and empower your office with a truly digital information flow. Easily share scanned documents by sending  them instantly to any email address in the world. Moreover, Scanned documents can also be distributed directly to a dedicated network folder, or made accessible through a web browser. In addition, you can store, retrieve and re-use documents any time using the systems’ built-in document server. Local scanning to USB/SD card is available as an option.

The new  toner takes image quality to new heights. It’s minute, yet uniform particle size allows for precise reproduction of even the finest lines without sacrificing perfect color density. As quality is consistent even during longer runs with the newly designed image developing system. As a result, there is no need to outsource color documents.

Photocopier Trader In Karachi

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What are the benefits of photocopiers on rent?

For many businesses the purchase of an important office utility such as a photocopier or printer may be a daunting investment. It mainly due to the associated large upfront sum but also the prospect of it becoming obsolete in three years’ time. Renting a photocopier is the smart alternative with numerous good business-sense advantages:


Many businesses earn revenue over time – to pay as you use makes sense: Why pay out in one lump sum when with renting you can make small fixed manageable payments? It equates to pay as you use.

Upgrading Technology

It is well accepted that a photocopier or printer is not a business asset that appreciates. It depreciates faster than the vast majority of purchased assets. So save purchases for assets that either appreciate or depreciate less. Renting gives more freedom for up to date office equipment, important with printers and copiers, to be installed as required, less affected by budget restraints. It allows you to take advantage of technology improvement at a time of your choosing and at a reasonable rate. We provide opportunity to upgrade your machine, when necessary, to accommodates the higher volume, speed and features your business requires at the right time, giving you freedom to upgrade without buying new.


Because the latest photocopier and printer machines are multi-functional, i.e. they combine all the functions of a scanner, fax machine, printer, colour printer (if applicable), pdf writer, document manager, and photocopier. It makes sense to be able to upgrade all these products and facilities at the same time rather than having to deal with multiple outdated machinery. This is one of the newer benefits of renting combined with the latest multi-functional technology.

Who retains the equipment at the end of the photocopier lease?

Title to the goods remains with the finance provider, which means the equipment does not show on your company balance sheets. Therefore, not applicable to the expected value depreciation over a fixed period. This of course gives you the advantage of staying in touch with the latest technology by changing your equipment towards the end of your photocopier rental agreement.


Can we upgrade before the photocopier lease agreement expires?

Yes, a Photocopier Rental facility allows businesses to keep up with changes in technology as your original installation can be altered either during or at the end of your rental period. The normal reason for this is due to a customer’s expansion of business and their changing needs.

Why should I choose photocopier renting facility?

All sectors of the Pakistani economy take advantage of Photocopier Renting; it is the most popular choice for small businesses that need a mid-to-high volume photocopier or printer just as a large multinational organization prefers to keep a tighter control on their finances and enjoy the cost efficiency and upgrade opportunities of a photocopier rental agreement over purchasing. Moreover, all consumables including parts and toner will be borne by photocopier rental company.

How does photocopier on rent work in practice?

Photocopier Rental is an agreement between a photocopier rental company and a customer, giving the customer use of the equipment on payments of rentals over a period.

Why renting a photocopier rather than purchase?

When you purchase photocopier machine, you require a huge amount of money and regular maintenance cost in order to ensure smooth running of photocopier machine. On the other hand, there is no need of investment and regular maintenance. Just pay for the copies, copier or printed during the month. Thus, cash flow benefits of renting provide a very strong case against cash purchase. If you buy equipment outright the capital invested becomes, in effect, tied up in a depreciating asset. Photocopier

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