Konica Minolta Photocopier machines in Pakistan DI 450

Konica Minolta Photocopier machines in Pakistan DI 450, Konica Minolta DI 450

Copier Star is thestar supplier of Photocopier machines in Pakistan. The striking design of the Konica Minolta Photocopier machines in Pakistan DI 450 from Minolta isn’t the only eye-catching feature of this monochrome multi-tasking machine. Although classified as the mid-class digital device designed for departmental use. The Di450 comes with a whole host of high-end copying, printing and scanning features. In output terms, the Di450 rounds off the DiALTA monochrome range, copying or printing at 45 pages per minute.

Konica Minolta Photocopier machines in Pakistan DI 450

This model features a number of significance improvements in performance: first copy in under four seconds, extremely high paper capacity (up to 6,550 sheets), more productive finishing like multi-stapling, punching and folding, network scanning and state-of-the-art software tools such as FreeForm for variable data printing and DocBuilder for pre-RIP document assembly and editing, in the new Fiery controller.

Importer and distributor of Photostat Machine in Karachi

Copier Star plays an important role as Importer and distributor of Photostat Machine in Karachi as it is not only photocopier machines supplier in Karachi but also supplies photostat machines, printer, and scanner in different cities of Pakistan. We sale our copier machines to a wide range of our customers like manufacturing industries, pharmaceutical companies, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, and banks.

Features and Functions

Once you have decided whether to purchase or rent a photocopier, consider exactly what your requirements are and what you really don’t need. Models vary a great deal in size, copy output and features. Is high color resolution really necessary or is a black and white model adequate? Consider what other functions, like scanning, faxing, connectivity etc.
Furthermore, You should also decide how many copies you require printed per minute, and per month. These considerations, and more, could make a massive difference to cost.

Small Ricoh Photocopiers

For the small office or home business, the flexibility of a desktop photocopier with only the necessary features means that you can do a majority of your copying in-house, while saving on costly add-ons that you may not yet need.
Most small Ricoh photocopiers will print up to 20 pages per min (ppm). You will also notice that Ricoh offers duplex (double-sided) copying on many smaller models, making them highly environmentally-friendly.

Mid-size Ricoh Photocopiers

You may require more speed and efficiency, but not all the bells and whistles of a professional printer. These mid-size models are all equipped for time-management, copying and warm-up speed, as well as the efficiency of paper.
Moreover, Most models are also customizable with features like scanning, faxing, hole punching, stapling, and others. Check with your accredited Ricoh supplier for more information.

Large Ricoh Photocopiers

Large volume photocopiers are meant for very busy offices, but they can also diminish the need for several mid-size models within a large office. Furthermore, They are equipped with the latest technology and have many functions beyond standard models in the Aficio range.
In addition, they also offer connectivity and added encryption security so that your documents stay secure at all times.

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